Running at Night

As nights get longer and days get shorter, chances are that you’ll end up running in the dark with limited visibility. If you are running or planning to run in the dark, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

 1. Know your route.

It’s a smart idea to stick to known running routes. Trying to run in places you haven’t run before, may lead to getting lost or end up in the wrong neighborhood. Remember to stick to busy roads and stay away from dark trails.

 2. Run with friends.

Running socially is better for safety and motivation. Find your local running group or get your friends together. Besides creating a safer environment, you’ll end up strengthening friendships and meeting like-minded individuals.

 3. Wear reflective or high-visibility items.

Wearing this kind of gear will help you increase your visibility. EB Active is currently offering a light-up bracelet that allows you to be seen under dark conditions. If you don’t have reflective gear yet, you can start by staying away from dark clothing.

 4. Run against traffic.

Accidents are common when running in the dark. It’s advisable to run against the traffic so you can be aware of your surroundings. It’s a lot easier for you to see an approaching vehicle than for a driver to see you. 

 5. Stay away from headphones.

Having any type of distraction reduce your senses. You may not hear car horns, shouts or a potential criminal activity when wearing headphones. An alternative is to try the AfterShokz which transmit audio via a pair of transducers that rest on your cheekbones, leaving your ears uncovered.

According to Susan Kalish, former Executive Director of the American Running Association, “The two key things about running at night are to see and to be seen”. Make sure to do both!!! 


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