5 Songs that will ROCK your run!

Everyone needs a good running playlist, here are five Songs that will ROCK your run!!

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

This is a throwback! Of course we will include a classic rock song to diversify your playlist. This hit was released in 1979 but it has kept its stamina for over 30 years! The instrumental aspect of the song is absolutely KILLER for a workout. The vocals however give it its "WOW" factor… Lead singer Brian Johnson’s voice will NO DOUBT take your workout up a notch. He is intense! Be sure to give these songs a try during your next workout! You won't regret it.

Stronger - Kanye West

This song is guaranteed to amp up your workout. The beat is invigorating and great for getting your heart rate pumping. A must-listen! Hey...do you think Kanye listens to his own music when he’s hitting the gym?

Let’s Go - Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo

The beauty in this song is in the build! Calvin Harris is a musical genius when it comes to creating a beat that ENERGIZES his listeners. Whether you are dancing, walking, lifting, or running - this tune does a fantastic job of fueling your bursts of exertion.

Lose Yourself - Eminem

This is a personal favorite. Eminem is an extremely talented artist and his music is FAR from lacking emotion, intensity and passion. The beat is consistent which is excellent for maintaining a substantial pace while running or performing other workout activities. If you are in the mood for a steady workout, add this to your playlist!

Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys

Lady runners, this one is for you. This song has a great build, but the message is even more AWESOME. The lyrics are uplifting and empowering! If you are a beginning runner who loses steam in the middle of a workout, slip this tune somewhere in your playlist. It will give you a boost when you’re feeling overwhelmed and drained during a run.

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