Gabriela Escalante


Gabriela has been passionate about business growth and development since starting her first business in high school, . This led her to Syracuse University where she studied Entrepreneurship. She believes in the power of brands to inspire greatness and is determined to make a significant impact in the world. In her free time she eats peanut butter, practices yoga, and talks to strangers.

Katherine Najera


Katherine is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She is originally from NYC and graduated from Syracuse University where she studied Finance and Marketing. She believes that you can always be better and should strive for continuous growth. When she is not working on her companies she is volunteering, reading, working out, or traveling the world.

BELLA Carter


Bella is a current junior at Syracuse University studying Finance and Political Science. She is originally from Vermont and is passionate about traveling the world and staying busy. Bella spent her first semester of junior year in Beijing, China and is now back in Syracuse interning with EB Active. 



Emily, a sprightly ball of energy, is a writer and graphic designer with a recently discovered passion for business development. Em is currently fueling her fire for digital marketing and brand outreach as a full time student and part-time web-site developer. She loves to write satirical pieces, draw cartoons and cook. 


ANNIE Arthur


Annie is studying International Relations and Citizenship and Civic Engagement. She is from Massachusetts and loves trying new things and traveling to new places. She loves to challenge herself by signing up for half marathons and road races. Annie will be spending the fall semester of her Junior year studying abroad in India.



Heather is a Registered Nurse and active runner who started getting serious about fitness after she kicked blood cancer in the booty. Now she runs day and night. (Well, kind of). You can catch her running 5Ks in the summer or running down the halls of the hospital delivering babies!